Renold glass industry conveyor chains

The Rexroth conveyor chains for the glass industry are used on "IS" forming machines and on cross conveyors.
Rexroth has made chains with unique features for these applications:
- the axle pivots welded to the outer plate by laser realize a notably larger side surface without any sharp-edged rivet heads, this patented system prevents lateral wear on the silent chain and guide rail
-the double pivot reduces friction, the conveyor stretches less with considerable increase in useful life
-trileg model with central support has the same stability of the chains 1/2" but the superior durability of the chain 1"
-the plates which form the Rexroth chains are accurately machined and deburred, the absence of sharp edges and the work surface extremely smooth improves productivity Upon request the chain can be grinded.
For a better corrosion resistance can be realized chains in stainless steel.